Funny Riddles

Welcome to our funny riddles section! Enjoy a variet of super funny riddles that feature the perfect blend of both humor and great brain teasing fun. Try these joke-like puzzlers in your free time or with others.

The selection of funny riddles featured here are intended to be suitable to children and adults alike. We do not specialize in dirty humor or dirty riddles on this page; our funny, tricky riddles for kids can make for a great way to introduce independent challenges into the classroom or for fun at home. Try giving these silly riddles to children as a way to keep their attention and provide a fun activity that doesn't require a lot of physical space or direct attention from an adult or supervisor.

The funny riddles and answers will include a mixture of both easy and hard riddles, as well. If you would like to specifically try out only easy riddles, you may visit the easy riddles and answers section of our website. Similarly, if you would like only hard riddles (not necessarily with the humor), then check out our main hard riddles home page for the latest selection of challenging riddles.