Murder Riddles

Murder riddles are one of the most fun kinds of short story riddles to solve. Be a detective and try out some of our best murder mystery riddles, and then test your friends and see who would be the superior detective.

More About Murder Riddles

The murder riddles you will encounter here are shorty mystery riddles that will require you to slueth your way (mentally) to the answer. These detective-like stories will often ask you who the killer is or how the act was committed, and the answer can always be derived logically from the question. Try to avoid thinking of solutions to the questions that require materials or concepts outside of the context of the question itself.

Who Are Murder Riddles Good For?

Murder riddles are a "killer" way to bust your brain, but the subject matter may be a bit spooky for younger audiences. The premise of the questions may, naturally, involve some violence or other more adult topics. For these reasons, we do NOT recommend murder mystery riddles for children.